Sodom - Christian Kermer

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Nominee Camerimage – Documentary Features Competition 2018

Valetta Film Festival – Best Cinematographer

“The astonishing cinematography of this film succeeds in plunging us into the revelatory apocalyptic reality of an electronic waste dump in Ghana. The length of the shots, the mastery of the camera movements and the considered pacing create a fully immersive visual experience. Even though it shows a vision of darkness, the poetic approach of the image never falls into misery; it reflects those who live and work there in all their beauty and dignity.”

Innsbruck Nature Festival – Swarovski Optik Special Award for best Cinematography

“The camera takes risks and is always in the right place. There are rare moments when you can feel the director’s presence, but it is always done carefully and with much respect for the protagonists. With its craftsmanship and precision, the camera work even during the most difficult physical conditions and in a highly challenging environment, constantly hits the perfect combination of form and content.”


The demand for the latest electronic accessories in Europe is exploding. Manufacturers regularly report record sales. Mobile phones, LCD TVs, notebooks and the likes become useless and “out” relatively soon after their release. Hundreds of thousands of these end up in Ghana where children and adolescents dismantle them in toxic smoke. A “clean” business for some, a poisoness routine for others.


Produced by: Blackbox Film | Documentary Film | HD-Cam | 16:9 | Stereo 5.1 | 90 min. 

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